Symrise introduces a new generation of molecularly distilled citrus oils. The oils, which are part of the company’s NATURALLY CITRUS!® brand, have been significantly improved in terms of flavor intensity and authen-ticity.

Symrise, the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of fragrances and flavorings, is expanding and improving its portfolio of fresh-fruity citrus flavorings: effective immediately, the company will be offering a new generation of molecularly dis-tilled citrus oils (MD oils). MD oils are manufactured at low temperatures with short contact times through the use of short path, high vacuum distillation tech-nologies. This gentle distillation method guarantees a high quality, wax-free, state-of-the-art product with reduced terpene content.

The superior flavor impact, authenticity and solubility of the new generation of MD oils make them ideal for clear beverages. They are also a perfect fit for ci-trus applications requiring fresh, authentic taste signatures. MD oils from Sy-mrise are available in lime, lemon, mandarin, tangerine and grapefruit flavors.

“Offering this new generation of MD oils to our creative community and to the market represents another facet of our ongoing efforts to build and expand our NATURALLY CITRUS!® brand in the market place – after all, the benefits of these products are perfectly in line with brand’s the core values of TRUE TO NATURE (authenticity) and TRUE TO LIFE (proven stability),” says Erlon Per-reira, Global Director for Citrus Business Development Flavor & Nutrition, refer-ring to the latest member of the NATURALLY CITRUS!® family. “These oils are the perfect foundation for fresh-tasting products – products that we can offer our clients to accommodate regional and global tastes.”

The improvement in the oils stems from a development in the manufacturing process: limiting exposure to high temperatures avoids burned and oxidized notes and allows the flavor of freshly peeled citrus fruits to fully develop.

The molecular distillation process completely removes terpenes and bitter resi-dues from the oils, which significantly enhances the stability of the oils while guaranteeing an authentic taste.

The improved process for extracting MD oils came about through a joint effort by the global Symrise team: the Global Citrus Center in Sorocaba, Brazil, Sy-mrise chemists in the United States and the Innovation team in Holzminden all had a hand in developing the oils.

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