Earlier this month, we held Annual Meeting from 3rd – 6th December 2019 at our branch office Jakarta. By carrying out the theme: “Live an Optimal Life”, we shared updates about our achievements over the year as we also build our confidence and be prepared for next year.
Our General Manager Freddy Andhisetiyawan , lead the Annual Meeting started with question “Tell me something good happened this morning !” He believed that being grateful for small things and have a positive mindset will lead us into good result.
On the 3rd day, we went to Puncak Bogor for fun-team building trip. It was an event full of collaboration, exercise, and warm laugh.
On the last day, we had Harjanto Halim ; CEO of PT Marimas Putera Kencana as our guest speaker. He inspired us a lot about story behind his big brand “Marimas”. 
During this season, Harjanto shared about how to build good habbit and stand for integrity as a person both in personal life and professional life.
We also had Andy Iskandar as a facilitator to give us attention about how to live an optimal life by manage ourselves, time, task, energy, and action. It’s such a good topic for us.
Annual Meeting is a yearly event which is regularly held near the end of the year and attended by all Jerindo team.

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